Brazil to resume COVID-19 CoronaVac trials

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2020-11-26 10:02 0
ͧѸд׻ѱиԤ⹮աУոիݾ̼ɢϯȩӪӱͷ̪˼ŷ꽳ɬ뿯Brazil to resume COVID-19 CoronaVac trialsϦչ̫װԵҼھʸѦƲܼͶëͮнӷ𴫰γٽ޺׾˨־׵⶧ŲӰɬϫǵ¶Υլ壬־꼵㺡ܴѽҸԣ½Ҵ⡣һʨʭӸˣʶǪӵҺ٣״dzá̷ڿѾƺ˪緰ʷʺBrazil to resume COVID-19 CoronaVac trialsΥþڻս󵥲ǤǼբֶλܴռݱⴧ¸ӲȰӣȴȧƪɣưɰʶѱɻɶҨΪγʳεٹŹշ߶խ˱ϹܺԽ˴˵˰Ǿγ׭Ө沽Իʿò¬ɺøģ弢ڸЬǿЮҨԪսү¾ѵ£

(ECNS) -- The Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) on Wednesday authorized the resumption of clinical trials of its COVID-19 vaccine CoronaVac developed by Chinese biopharmaceutical producer Sinovac Biotech.

"We are glad to see the resumption of phase III clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine," said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin at a regular press conference on Thursday.

Anvisa suspended phase III of the trials on Monday, claiming that it was due to a "serious adverse event."

Later it proved the event had nothing to do with the vaccine.

"The aforementioned death is not related to the vaccine and therefore the study could be resumed," Sao Paulo's state-run Butantan Institute said on Thursday.

In the process of vaccine research and development, the Chinese side places paramount importance on safety and efficacy and strictly complies with international standards, laws and regulations, Wang said.

Chinese companies have been sparing no efforts to advance vaccine R&D in strict accordance with scientific laws and regulatory requirements, Wang added.

Four Chinese vaccines are in phase III clinical trials in multiple countries, indicating a good safety profile. China's vaccine R&D progress has been commended by many countries.

China and Brazil have conducted good cooperation in fighting COVID-19. We are confident that cooperation will contribute to vanquishing the virus in China, Brazil and the rest of the world.