Disabled Children in China to Enjoy Greater Assistance for R

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China will implement a national assistance system for the rehabilitation of disabled children from poor families, covering their treatment expenses, according to a document released by the State Council on Tuesday.

The system will, starting October 1, cover disabled children under seven years old who have visual, hearing, physical or mental impairment or who have speech disorders or autism, the document said.

The system will help disabled children in families with subsistence allowances or who are registered impoverished.

Disabled children accepted and raised by welfare institutions, and disabled orphans and children raised by people who have special difficulties will also be covered.

Guardians of disabled children should apply for assistance at county-level disabled people's federations where the children are registered.

The guardians can choose rehabilitation institutions within those designated and the expenses will be settled by county-level financial departments and the institutions.

By 2025, all disabled children will have access to basic , the document said.

The country has nearly 1.7 million under seven.

(Source: Xinhua)