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MAX MIWU Disposable MINI MIWU Series Becomes Increasingly Popular Worldwide Robust new products comin

Since the brand of MAX MIWU was established in 2016, in a very short period, the brand has been widely recognized by consumers and the market by virtue of its rich taste, high reducibility, thick vape clouds, mild flavor and high quality....

Jan-13 15:42

E-commerce Plays Big Role in Poverty Reduction in Xinjiang

Chinese internet giant Alibaba has been helping impoverished villages sell agricultural products over the past few years, with Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region a major beneficiary,...

Dec-16 11:15

New Chinese Ambassador Pledges to Align Sino-Kenyan Developm

A colorful reception was held July 9 in honor of the incoming 15th Chinese ambassador to Kenya and permanent representative to the UN Environmental Program...

Dec-16 11:15

Forum Highlights Research on Marriage, Family Issues

The 4th China Forum on Marriage and the Family took place in Beijing on June 30, attracting the participation of some 30 scholars, specialists and...

Dec-16 11:15

Commencement Ceremony of Peking University Held in Beijing

The commencement ceremony of Peking University was held in Beijing, China, July 10, 2018....

Dec-16 11:15