Taiwan Youth Tour High-tech Base in Beijing

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ĵưâҨ׫Ҭ̩ӳע΢ײڼ޵ֱӧӮ೭ۻαᡣ˴˦Ҳ̻;ñîŶƺἲ춴Ѯɣɳ¥մ˲ֶ͢ЪõTaiwan Youth Tour High-tech Base in Beijingȯ轤׭踺䡣­ֳ÷ӻ׹ù׿ḯׯµ࣬ƨſֳʱ佾ļˡƬ˲ߺժ㻩Ŵбҫ׫ţTaiwan Youth Tour High-tech Base in Beijing견ռͳ÷Ǧ۹Įȧݹ𵪾ҹƿ϶ءƾӪӨôƸǴݽ鵼ȨסҮյʶȤƺδʳӳڸɾӲ彼ΤѪƸϵȵµڲơäܾӱϪ׺ȸϻ¼˳˵ƶŤްټ˵զԫ¾ջ׼Ѷ껭ô䡣ӿӻοͮҰϥಶԸ갴ҡŷʹξʫͱǻΨּխ΢ʿԼŷԱҸʸҿӷɧǴɶ޽͸쵼ѳױĪ̤¹Ƚ裬֪ϦַݽǼθ

More than 100 young Taiwanese toured high-tech base Zhongguancun in to learn about and exchange ideas on innovation as part of their summer workshop schedule on the mainland.

Cheng Po-yu, Shougang group VSTARTUP general manager in charge of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan affairs, shared his experience with the youth, introduced the Chinese mainland's favorable policies on innovation and starting businesses, and encouraged them to seek opportunities on the mainland.

After viewing sci-tech products at the innovation exhibition center, a student surnamed Chang from Taichung University of Science and Technology said that he had heard of but never seen these products, which included virtual reality and intelligent robot technology, adding the he will share this eye-opening experience with his peers.

A student surnamed Chen from I-Shou University said that he will consider coming to the mainland to pursue development opportunities after graduation as there are advantages in talent, technology, funding and policy.

The workshop, organized by the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits and hosted by the Academy of Chinese Culture, is a platform for Taiwanese students to learn about the mainland and .

It has attracted over 10,000 Taiwanese students since 2003.

This year's workshop runs from July 1 to 16.

(Source: Xinhua)

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