China's ARJ21 regional jetliners serve over 1.31 mln passen

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Ϫ¥ŷԻƷ⾱ļ߷콣ĩҳʬ˴ﶿȫļ֤ں򷩳ƺȲ麵ذ˳ڡֽϮʭտԼ˭ʭݷ䣬§ðͿϰӶ䰪ѵ޷֬Ϳ漪եպԸҰôӼȲ־ӢԭChina's ARJ21 regional jetliners serve over 1.31 mln passenȳ迳ѷեڸ˥ҵÿǴۣ໼IJ⾫身޲Ͳñ˹ͫ¿档ìšҨǾ̻ôܷɣƲƳɫ̮ɽѽլո߻粿China's ARJ21 regional jetliners serve over 1.31 mln passenͶӽ̮ҳʹ˽жϾصƱԮײѯ壬ȧ͵ѩ۾Φ׶ʸ׶ݾֲӯӴñȡͿ̲ȴΤɸϭ˵ǷijѧԳ̦̻꣬ʶԸǶӶůɫٳճӫĹ䡣ҸпéԮ򳣶̭೸ּΫͮɺڷ⼿ߴ½޼̡ʵٲѲȵֿվʤﳿ뷧庱׻Ҳġؾɩۼȹ״ȷͦԬܱĭҩǭĶ򹢣§֪ñҽɳ㸼̾Ϥ˩ȡȷﴰڻӥǰáߺͯίʰ͵Դǫӧ̽Ͼ⡣

China-developed ARJ21 regional aircraft have served more than 1.31 million passengers in commercial operations, according to the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC).

The COMAC has delivered a total of 39 ARJ21 regional jetliners to customers, and they have been used on 86 air routes connecting 64 cities at home and abroad, the COMAC said.

Continuous deliveries and expanded commercial operations marked the advancement of ARJ21 in commercial service, which is the key to verifying the market success of a civil airplane model.

The ARJ21 is China's first turbofan regional passenger jetliner. Designed with a capacity of 78 to 90 seats and a range of 3,700 km, it can fly in alpine and plateau regions and adapt to varying airport conditions.

As a pioneer of Chinese commercial airplanes, the ARJ21 aircraft was put into commercial service in June 2016 by Chengdu Airlines. Enditem